Kathy Larson is the Founder & CEO of Coaching Wellness Matters and its aligned website CoachingWellnessMatters.com, as well as Oil Well and its aligned website OilWellHealth.com, which offer a wealth of positively-based Wellness Services virtually or in-person, with an overall mandate to offer customized Wellness, Mentor & Life Coaching. Kathy also promotes Organic Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegars & Wildcrafted Therapeutic Essential Oils at her retail location in Wisconsin ~ All of which are designed to target and provide a direct path to reach and exceed clients’ personal and professional, Health & Wellness goals.


How to Live a more Fulfilling Life through Behavior Change is about addressing what the everyday person experiences, both in and out of the workplace.  It touches on how easily one can feel the void in their daily lives if they don’t chose the path of living a healthier lifestyle.  The result can be a culmination of disease onset, which simply put is not loving ourselves enough to put us first with each passing day.  Remember it’s about giving quality not quantity to those that matter to us most. So please, whether it’s my book you buy or not, be sure to reflect on how you can make yourself and your health more of a daily priority.

Kathy also has written & co-authored in several Global Health & Wellness Ebooks!