Founder, Kathy Larson ~ CPT, CWC 

With more than 25 years of renowned experience in the Health & Wellness industry, Jackson Hole, Wyoming based Kathy Larson has spent her career working to help to improve the lives of others, via a robust record of entrepreneurial experience in all realms of wellness & fitness. Kathy’s ultimate passion is to educate individuals to embrace productivity and wellness.

Kathy Larson is the Founder & CEO of Coaching Wellness Matters and its aligned website, as well as Oil Well and its aligned website, which offer a wealth of positively-based Wellness Services virtually or in-person, with an overall mandate to offer customized Wellness, Mentor & Life Coaching. Kathy also promotes Organic Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegars & Wildcrafted Therapeutic Essential Oils, at her retail location in Wisconsin. All of which are designed to target and provide a direct path to reach and exceed clients’ personal, and professional Health & Wellness goals.

Among services offered by Coaching Wellness Matters, Kathy assists in helping individuals eliminate Health Risk Factors & prevent disease onset, concentrating on the risks of: high blood pressure, tobacco, high cholesterol, Diabetes, obesity, anxiety… and the benefits of proper nutrition.

Kathy offers previous experience as Founder & Owner of ProActive Lifestyle Coaching & Wellspring Fitness, as a Corporate Health & Wellness Consultant, Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer; as well as a Global Human Resources senior executive, Health Coach & Wellness Online, charged with disease prevention, behavior change and corporate health & wellness.

She previously worked in similar roles for Recplex, Waukesha County Technical College, the Metropolitan Milwaukee, Wisconsin YMCA & YWCA, Kenosha Hospital & Waukesha Memorial Hospital and teaching at the Collegiate level.

Kathy earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, Health, Coaching & Recreation from the University of Maine. Born in Edmundston N.B. Canada, and raised across the border in Northern Maine, where French is the primary language spoken ~ thus Kathy is bilingual French/English.