Margaret Moore, Founder & CEO Wellcoaches Corporation, Co-Director Institute of Coaching, Harvard University Extension School Faculty
“Kathy was one of the first health professionals who completed the Wellcoaches health, fitness, and wellness coach training and certification program in 2003. Since then, we developed a personal and professional relationship as Kathy has continued to be a treasured member of the large Wellcoaches community of coaches. Kathy has wonderful talents as a coach, educator, and manager. She is widely respected in the health and wellness industry. I am impressed by Kathy’s capacities and contributions. Her persona is infectious and inspiring. I am confident that Kathy would deliver a high level of service and commitment to any organization that she joins.”
Mary Gwin, Former President of Mary Gwin & Associates, presenting Dale Carnegie Training in Southeastern Wisconsin Michigan
“I would strongly recommend Kathy and her training expertise to any individual who is looking to become healthier, happier, and to find their purpose in life. I had been lifting weights, biking, jogging and keeping myself fit. Kathy brought another level of expertise to my training. First of all, she came to my home, which helped me to save time and be able to workout in the comfort of my own home. She introduced me to better nutrition,power walking, which I initially laughed off, and became my very good friend and mentor. It has been over 15 years since we first met and I still keep in contact with her and consider her a very very good friend and resource. You can’t go wrong.” Give her a call…

Dr. Joyce Wallskog, Waukesha Memorial Hospital ~ Waukesha, Wisconsin
“Kathy’s passion and commitment to the truth was very refreshing, when one considers the potential confusion that exists with the health & fitness industry today.”
Dr. Joy Meyers, Psychologist ~ Northshore Clinic, Wisconsin
“I value the coaching experience and Kathy’s dedication to providing me the necessary tools to improving my practice.”

John Matter, CEO ~ Wisconsin Equitable Banks
“I appreciate Kathy’s listening to my needs. Helping me to establish weekly personal and professional goals has made all of the difference in my life.  Thank you for designing our Fitness Center, providing all of the excellent elite fitness equipment, and personal training for my staff and I.”
Adrieanne Chang, Waukesha County Technical College ~ Pewaukee, Wisconsin
“We are very delighted to receive such praise and a positive response to all of the workshops that Kathy has done for us year after year.”
 JoAnne Brandes, Former President & Attorney ~ Johnson & Wax ~ Racine, Wisconsin
“Kathy, I would like to personally thank you for the direction and professionalism you have brought to issues in my life that needed to be addressed.”
Darell Troxel, Human Resources & Payroll Administrator ~ Ingersoll Rand
“I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize you for your contributions to being my professional health coach. You truly demonstrate outstanding qualities for your career path as a health coach. Your commitment for helping me execute excellent results is nothing short of outstanding and it’s amazing in just a very short amount of time. In your role as a health coach you continue to challenge yourself to grow and develop both personally and professionally. Your dedication and passion contributed to all the accomplishments that we have made thus far in my journey has been incredibly helpful. You truly invest in the relationship with everyone you come in contact with. You willingly make yourself available and truly listen to the individual, express true care and concern of the individuals situation and graciously provide guidance and advise to help them. It is the small touches that can have the greatest impact and you do this without even trying, it just comes naturally to you. This is just one your many wonderful attributes that makes you so successful as a health coach. I am honored that I am a client of yours and I highly recommend you to others. I firmly believe this is your calling and that you have a true talent for this career path.  I look forward to continuing this journey and working with you.”
Karen Allen, Higher Brain Living Facilitator ~ Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
“Kathy’s presence alone would inspire change in individuals. This woman has a spark and tenacity that won’t quit. Her intoxicating energy, combined with her experience and knowledge, will inspire anyone, with any health & wellness issue to move in the direction of positive change in their life.”